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How is ohdresses.com different from other online bridal stores?

ohdresses.com goes right to the source to purchase our beautiful gowns. The gowns we sell are of the same high quality as the designers sold in traditional salons and by other online retailers. Although we do not sell "designer" labeled gowns, you still get a beautiful bridal gown, without the designer price.



How much will the shipping cost?

We have three shipping methods including expedited shipping, standard shipping and super saving shipping. The shipping fee varies from country to country. It also depends on the weight of the items you order. You may place a test order to check the shipping fee.


How can I modify or cancel my order?

If you would like to modify or cancel your order, please login to My Orders, select the order you need help with, and send a request.


How can I check my order status?

If you want to track the status of your order, like where is your order, when you will?receive your order, whether your order has been dispatched yet, please log in first and click My Orders at any page of the website.


Are there any additional fees involved in shipping?

In some cases, your destination country may charge customs duties or other taxes. We have no control over these charges as customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please check with your local customs office for further information.


How do you get your customs duties refunded?

You may simply contact our Customer Service with the invoice for customs fees. Then a refund will be arranged.

Please Note: The total refund can not exceed the order amount. We reserve the right not to process the refund if they are returned in unacceptable condition.


Further questions

Any questions please contact us freely. Looking forward to hearing from you.